Key Practicus AI benefits

Inclusive AI that just works

  • Enable 1 billion+ Excel users to join your technical teams
  • End-to-end No Code / Low Code AI platform
  • Built for teams to collaborate better
  • Go to production easier
  • Make an impact

Get practicus ai with 3 simple steps

Ready in a few minutes

Download the free Practicus AI app and use the optional cloud features as needed.


Download the free Practicus AI app

Download the forever free app clicking here, and you can start using Practicus AI right away.

Create cloud account (optional)

Required for some features. You can use your existing AWS account, or please click here to create one for free.

Activate cloud (optional)

Use your cloud credentials in the app to finish setup. Forever free tier available for 2 vCPUs and 1 GB RAM.

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